Client Examples

Digital Transformation

Client: RTO Business, Qld, NSW and Victorian operations.

One of our CTO’s worked with a company that owns and operates two RTOs in Australia. At the time of the initial engagement, the RTO was:

  1. Heavily reliant on paper-based systems,
  2. A 5 year old server on premises being cooled by a pedestal fan
  3. Student Management System that had not been fully deployed and was in use by a limited amount of stuff
  4. Mix of Google and Microsoft apps for productivity
  5. Limited remote access for only a few select management staff
  6. Had not been able to successfully implement key office productivity systems such as Teams and SharePoint.
  7. Little confidence in making IT and technology decisions
  8. No Learning Management System and no online courses
  9. There were several vulnerabilities in terms of IT Security including all staff login and password credentials stored in clear text on the server.
  10. No dedicated IT person with only part time, contracted IT support from a single person Support vendor.

Our contract CTO was engaged for an initial 6 week program of work to produce a 3 Year – Technology Strategy. This was delivered to the board and accepted for implementation. The RTO then asked us for some help with implementing the Technology Strategy.

Fast forward to today and the RTO is fully digitally transformed. Trainers now have iPads and do assessments onsite at client premises in both online and offline mode. Results are integrated into the Student Management System and a whole suite of industry based online learning resources have been developed.

The onset of Covid19 and employees working from home happened seamlessly as the company was fully cloud-based and employees were successfully able to carry on with their work with minimal impact apart from the lack of social interaction at the office.

The LMS implemented by the RTO is now being offered as a service to external clients providing additional revenue sources for the business.

Students are able to browse a website, book and enrol into a course which is all automated.

Business collaboration across the country has improved dramatically with the successful implementation of tools such as Teams which was introduced and used prior to Covid19 which aided in business continuity of services with trainers and staff being able to communicate with students and clients.

Business Transformation

Client: International Student Recruitment business servicing Universities and VET industry.

One of our contract CEO’s worked with the company founder who had the following challenges:

  1. Incorrect business structure including ownership and shareholder agreements
  2. Lack of fully formed Financial oversight and governance
  3. Incorrect employment policies that needed to be addressed immediately
  4. Limited management team to support the CEO
  5. Limited development of the existing management team
  6. Lack of structure around the sales process and training of sales staff
  7. Problems with the inhouse developed software

Our contract CEO worked with the company founder via a regular weekly 2 hour meetings plus one full day a month over an initial 6 month period which was extended to a total of 18 months.

The results of the engagement included:

  1. Appointment of new accountants and restructuring of the business. This resulted in an initial one off saving of $80,000 plus ongoing tax effective structure and reduced risk through correct ownership.
  2. Shareholder Agreement which included Founders rights and the ability to provide equity to a key manager.
  3. Appointment of a full time internal Accountant with support from a Learn Central CFO for ongoing mentoring and advice.
  4. Implementation of a compliant employment policy and rewriting all employment agreements. Engagement of an outsourced HR support provider and software platform for entitlements management, leave, payroll, HR.
  5. Identification and development of key management team to support the company owner.
  6. Implementation of sales training and coaching of the appointed National Sales Manager.
  7. Technology strategy to address issues with in-house software and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics.
  8. Advice and assistance in securing business finance.

This business whilst impacted by Covid19 has been able to continue to survive and operate during difficult circumstances. Without the support and structure in place the business may not have been in a position to survive the impacts of Covid19.

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