Build Your Playbook


The 1st Quarter in our program is part of the Kick-Off Program, this is where we get together and hammer out in detail the makeup of your current Playbook and gain a clear picture of how you see yourself making it to your Goal via your new Playbook.

“Time-out” …either the Head Coach or the Fullback will always call a time-out before commencing Kick-Off.

We do this to make sure players are protected by the appropriate contracts and all information is received by only an Eligible Receiver and never falls foul to an Illegal Formation.


Calling Plays

(Strategic Plan)

Running Plays

(Tactics / Projects)

The Draft

(Recruiting Players)


(Reports and Performance Review)

Technical Skills

(Technology and Platforms)

Player Roster Review

(Staff Reviews / KPIs)

Playing Offence

(Sales & Marketing)

Playing Defence


Game Stats


Meet the Coach

Commencing with a Free 60-minute Game Play Assessment Huddle, we’ll discuss the high-level aspects of your current Playbook and your ideas around areas you’d like to enhance or challenges you are facing. By working with us we can help build your very own unique Playbook, containing all the key plays you can call, gain valuable yardage on competitors, while racking up points on the board after scoring a few goals.

We’ll provide you with some initial feedback during this session on possible new or modified Plays to increase your scoring ability and possibly your defence.

If you like what you hear, then we can work with you to drill down into each specific area of your Playbook and review it using our unique ‘Strategic Playbook Framework’ during what we refer to as a ‘Top to Bottom Review’.

During this process we’ll review the plays in each area of your current Playbook, talk with the team management as well as targeted conversations with some of your team.

We can help build your new Playbook and even provide you with a Bench of Specialists you can inject for unique one-off Plays.

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